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myHRproblem, agony aunt for myHRcareers HR networking and professional development community in LondonDear myHRproblem,

It’s a new year and I’m keen to progress my career. I’ve been in my current role as an HR assistant for a year and a half, and it’s my aim to become an HR Advisor in 2016! I really love where I work, so am keen to stay but have been thinking about my development plan. I would really love to study and be sponsored for my CIPD, as I think this would go a long way. How can I pitch this to my manager?

Sam, HR Assistant


Dee Jas. myHRcareers agony aunt. speaker. and blogger. HR. London.Hello Sam,

Happy new year! It’s great you have a clear ambition and goal you’re working towards; you seem to have identified how you want to get there. So, I’m going to play devil’s advocate – why do you think getting a CIPD qualification is the way to achieve this? Don’t get me wrong, the CIPD is very helpful but thankfully not the only route to career progression. I love the idea of taking something to your manager to consider; owning your development is key. I would have a look at the other HR Advisors in your organisation – what do you admire about them? What do they do well, what do they know and what’s the turnover rate at this level? I would pick their brains for advice on what made the difference to their progression.
I’d also recommend using the CIPD Map to help you identify your specific development areas.
Finally, what feedback are you getting in relation to your current performance? Sponsorship does happen, but with limited budgets you need to demonstrate why you’re worth the investment and ultimately what the organisation can expect in return. Good luck – remember that experience counts for a lot these days too!


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