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myhrcareers-has-2-minutes-with-rob-jones-for-their-hr-blog-interview-ready-for-myhrcareers-partyAt myHRcareers we strive to get the very best business leaders to inspire us by sharing their challenges, insights and experiences. This year’s first networking party is no different. We’re thrilled to introduce Rob Jones, former Head of Organisational Effectiveness at CrossRail, founder of Trainers Kitbag and all round Business pro.

The worst they can do, is fire you” 

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“Rob has over 20 years experience in Organisational Excellence, specialising in cultural change, learning & Development and Organisational Strategy”

Rob started his career in People Resourcing for a global retail organisation, delivering significant cost savings and performance improvements. After several roles in retail and FMCG, Rob headed up the Global Learning and Development Team at Mothercare. Most recently, he has completed a 4 year role at Cross Rail, where he lead the Organisational Effectiveness Team accountable for Performance, Talent, Learning and Internal Communication across the £15 billion programme. The ‘values led project’ undertaken here gained industry wide recognition and delivered great success for the organisation. You can find out just how much in this interview with Cross Rail CEO Andrew Wolstenholme.

In his ‘spare time’ Rob runs the innovative and successful training business; Trainers Kitbag. Here he has worked with a number of high profile businesses to improve personal performance and develop better leaders.

Rob started his education in Life Sciences, before going on to complete the CIPD Diploma and a Masters in Organisation Behaviour and has used this expertise in a variety of strategic roles. His work has gained industry wide recognition and won him awards including CIPR Insides’: Best Employee Engagement; Investors in People’s: Best Public Sector and PPMA’s “Best Public Sector”. He has also been a finalist for the CIPD and Melcrum’s Best Employee Engagement Awards.

Rob writes his own extremely popular blog, Masters or Bust, and is regularly asked to share his advice and experiences at industry events and publications. Last year he was featured in HR Magasines “Most Influential” awards.

We are therefore thrilled to welcome Rob to the myHRcareers stage at our first networking party of 2017!

Find out more about Rob, and work out what you want to ask him by reading our 2 minutes with article below!

Eventbrite - myHRparty 25.01.17

2 minutes with Rob Jones


How did you get your last job?
I got my last job at Crossrail through a headhunter having been recommending by the marvellous Kate Griffiths-Lambeth (the person everyone needs in their network) and then by managing to get through 4 interviews which are a whole different story!
Best thing?
The best thing about working at Crossrail was the scale and complexity of the challenge demanded good work – what we were/are trying to achieve didn’t allow us to put things off, not deal with things or take the easy route.

What is the biggest challenge facing UK businesses at the moment?
Uncertainty – the obvious driver is Brexit and how that plays out but also technological change, the further rise of China and India as global players and how that impacts the power base
Does HR have a role to play?
If people do, then HR does – but it has to be beyond compliance and about enabling organisations

Finally, What do you wish you could tell your 20 year old self?
Stop smoking, go the gym, kiss the girl, credit cards aren’t money and stop worrying so much – the worse thing they can do is fire you!

Thanks Rob!

Eventbrite - myHRparty 25.01.17