Introducing; Gordon Kermode, speaker at myHRcareers!

At myHRcareers we’ve been privileged to have some of HR’s most exciting and inspirational leaders share their advice, wisdom and visions with us. Tonight’s networking party in Manchester is no exception as we welcome to the ‘stage’ Gordon Kermode! 

Gordon Kermode, Global Leadership Development Director at Kellogg.

Gordon Kermode, Global Leadership and Development Leader at Kellogg speaks at myHRcareers HR networking party in Manchester. Powered by Veran Performance.
“Gordon is an extremely talented OD & HR professional. He has a knack of understanding people & organisations, to drive business results.  He builds lasting relationships and is skilful in developing teams to achieve high trust relationships and he genuinely cares about setting people up to succeed.”

Gordon found his way into HR through roles in several Hotel chains including the De Vere hotel group. From CIPD awards, to qualifications from the British Psychological Society, Gordon has almost every certificate you can think of, and routinely shares his insights and experience through mentoring and coaching.

Let’s find out a bit more…

How did you get into HR?
I made quite a few mistakes as a manager and I went on a two week residential course at a Training Centre when I was 19 years old and I thought “That’s the job I want”.
18 months later I was running my own training centre!

What do you love most about your job?
The ability to change the lives of people at work through helping managers become great Leaders.
We spend too much time at work not to enjoy what we do and your direct boss has the ability to make that a pleasure of a chore.
In my time at Kellogg I have worked for both the best manager and the worst manager and I know what impact that had on my job performance and me as a person.
Most people come to work wanting to do a great job and wanting meaningful work, to be heard and to make some sort of a difference; it’s the key drivers of human behaviour for most of us irrespective of level or status.
It’s what happens when you get to work and in particular what your leader does to create the right climate for you to achieve those things that makes all the difference.
Most leaders have little idea of the impact that have on others through their conscious or unconscious behaviours.

Biggest challenge facing HR?
Talent data analytics and insights – our ability to predict the future through data and insight.

Measuring the value of an organisation based on culture, talent and leadership in the same way we do with our share price.

What do you wish you could tell your 20 year old self?
Work hard – Play hard – and love what you do, because this is not a dress rehearsal – this is it!

Gordon Kermode at myHRcareers Manchester
Gordon will be sharing insights from his incredible career at myHRcareers Manchester on the 29th June, as well as his advice for future HR leaders.
The event will be a great opportunity to ask Gordon about his vision for the future of HR and the skills we need as future leaders.
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