7 Quick Tips to Stay Focused at Work

Stay focused at work

It might be 9 in the morning, or 2 in the afternoon, but you’ve got a pile of work to do and have no idea where to start.  You sit staring blankly at your screen, head in the clouds, concentration floating away.

We’ve all been there.  Need some tips to help stay focused?  Follow these seven quick tips to help get work done.

7 Quick Tips to Stay Focused at Work

1. Prioritise and plan in time blocks.

This one is tried and true, if you can stick to it.  Prioritise all the tasks you have, write them down on paper, and commit to working on each task for a specified period of time (minus ones that need to be finished that day).  Keep this to do list close so you can refer back to it when needed.  Take things one step at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

2. Schedule email checking.

It’s so easy to get distracted by emails, especially if you get a notification ping or your mobile vibrates every time someone sends you something.  Put your phone on silent, turn off notifications, and set a time for you to check emails.  If it’s really is important, the news will get to you in some other way.

3. Take breaks.

Everybody needs to take breaks to prevent themselves from burning out.  Whether it’s a quick walk around the building  or checking your phone for a few minutes to catch up on the news, this time away from work will make it easier to refocus when you start again.

4. Organise your work station.

A clean desk will do wonders for your concentration and productivity.  Throw out all the rubbish you have lying around, organise any papers, put away work irrelevant to your current task.  In addition to having a clean desk, make sure your inbox and computer are tidy as well.  Delete unnecessary items, de-clutter your files, close extra tabs, windows, documents, pdfs, etc.

5. Minimise distractions.

This one may be hard at first, but will pay off in the long run.  Mute your phone, stay away from social media, put on your headphones, turn off your office IM, and let others know you’re working.

6. Reward yourself.

Nothing helps motivation like a reward.  Be sure to congratulate yourself after finishing an important task and commend yourself for staying focused.  It may seem like a trivial thing, but staying focused on work takes effort!

7. Power through.

Understand that everyone struggles with concentration at some point.  The work needs to get done, whether it be now or later, so sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and power through.


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