A Business in Crisis: Have we forgotten the real reason for HR?

In recent years we have tried to transform HR, pushing it towards the strategic, the numeric and the commercial. In times of financial and political turbulence, we’ve asked HR to steady the business by making efficiencies, pushing performance, and understanding the business in numerical terms. But, in times of trouble and strife, we may have protected our purse strings, but have we forgotten to protect our people?

In the aftermath of the Westminster attacks, Clare Davies and her HR team at the Metropolitan Police were forced to confront this very issue. How would they flex to support the business in the face of true crisis? What duty of care did they owe their staff? How could they fulfil their day jobs, and their psychological contract with their employees?
In this challenging and interactive talk, Clare will discuss her teams response to the crisis that faced their organisation, and the choices they made in order to support their employees. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, she will reflect on how prepared they were to make those calls and how they have now refocused as an organisation.

Whatever your industry, and whatever the crisis, this thought provoking and pertinent talk will ask us to explore the role of our own HR teams, and ask: would your HR team be ready?  

Join us at myHRparty 31.05.17 in Central London, as we explore one critical, and often overlooked role of HR: The psychological contract between HR and employees.
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