About myHRcareers

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We believe that real transformation starts from within and are dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth of aspiring HR professionals through our myHRcareers community.

This is a free network of passionate HR professionals, all in various stages of their HR careers and representing over 350 companies in the UK and internationally, which promotes the exchange of ideas, experience, and advice. By founding and funding this network we aim not only to share our philosophy with a wider audience, but to address the lack of opportunity typically provided to those starting out in their HR careers.

With representatives from the FTSE100 and FTSE250 regularly contributing to this network of HR talent, myHRcareers provides countless opportunities for all members to network and achieve their personal and professional goals, both on and offline.

All are welcome to join this growing community; come say ‘hello’ at one of our upcoming events!


About Our Founders

Charlotte Hallaways
Charlotte-Hallaways-myHRcareers-Veran-PerformanceCharlotte founded myHRcareers in the Winter of 2014. Now, with over 4,000 members, 12 networking parties, over 50 capability & growth workshops, and 1 international conference it has a firm place in the UK’s HR community.



Helen Thiel

Helen has more than 20 years’ professional business experience and provides advice and guidance on translating business strategies into interventions and processes.  Helen is a co-founder of Veran Performance, sponsor of myHRcareers.


Tom Holmes
Tom-Holmes-Director-Veran-Performance-512x640Tom is a people innovator & entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the selection and delivery of business software and process.  Tom is a co-founder of Veran Performance, sponsor of myHRcareers, specialising in delivering HR Technology and process change to create better performance, growth, and insight through people transformation.


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