Ask yourself:  Do you need a personal brand?

MHRC Personal Brand Event Networking Workshop

Having a personal brand is more important than you think.  If you’ve ever applied for a new job or tried to network with someone to market your business, you know how critical it is for you to be both memorable and distinguishable from the competition.

As the world becomes increasingly digitally based, it’s very easy for people to trace you online with all your information available at their fingertips.  The internet puts people into a ‘name’ category which doesn’t distinguish between personal and professional life.  For those who have a strong digital presence and can be found across a variety of social media, there may be some information you don’t want someone to see as a first impression.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand.  Just like a brand for a product is the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions of that product, a personal brand is the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions people have of you.

Let’s take Bill Gates as an example.  Bill Gate’s personal brand is pretty impressive; without even knowing who he is personally, the everyday person would be able to tell you about how he created Microsoft, or how he donates a massive amounts of money to charity, or what a great investor he is, etc.

For those of us who aren’t quite as well-known as Bill Gates, it’s up to us to manage our personal brand to set ourselves apart as unique and competent individuals.  Personal branding not only helps shape other’s perceptions of you, but enhances your self awareness and can help you reach your goals and connect to the right people.

Building a personal brand is essential for furthering your career; there are no shortcuts to building a reputation.  Our next myHRcareers workshop will be all about creating an effective personal brand.  Make the right steps from the beginning that will help you build a solid foundation for growth.

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