Finding our voice at #MHRC party…!

If you didn’t make it to the myHRcareers networking party last night – you missed out! 

From start to finish we were all engaged in one of HR’s biggest topics: Getting our voice.

Since I joined the industry last year, all I’ve heard is that HR must become more commercially minded and tech savy if we want to get our voices heard in the board room, or even our own meeting rooms for that matter.

As a young, (almost innumerate) HR professional all this data talk gets me worried; and it’s gets me spurting data buzzwords that I don’t really understand in an attempt to look like I’m progressive and on board. So imagine my delight when I was last night presented with two incredibly succesful HR leaders who said it’s OK – you don’t need numbers to get yourself taken seriously.

Well, they didn’t say that exactly, but what they did say was that it’s understanding your business that really matters – and you can do that in a number of ways.

You don’t need to copy finance  said Neil Morrison, HR Director of Penguin Random House, and talk about numbers you don’t understand to try and add value. You can create real value by thinking about the people and organisation at all times.
Talk to people, understand the structure and build a culture that delivers what’s needed;  you don’t need a spreadsheet to do that, you need to talk – something I for one can do!

But what if you’re technologically challenged yet working in a ‘data-driven’ environment we asked?

Well, said Giles Slinger, Director of OrgVue,  tools exist that can enable you to run the most intricate of reports, modelling & comparisons in the most interesting and engaging of ways.

Whilst we used soundbites from these two leaders to launch us into an intense debate around Insights V Intuition led HR, I for one left with the feeling that there was a sweet spot to be had, and with the right thinking and support I and all my fellow members could find it.

If you missed it, I’d really encourage you to go to twitter #MHRC and follow the debates and ideas we put forward.
Follow the threads and challenge Neil, Giles and your fellow members  until you find an angle you feel comfortable with.

You could also join us next week for a crash course in HR Data and Analytics hosted by myHRcareers and Orgvue.
This a unique opportunity for us to explore the impact and potential of HR Data and Analytics for ourselves, and ask if this insights driven approach will be how we get our voices heard.

Perhaps it won’t be and we’ll say partial to a more ‘intuative’ brand of HR – or perhaps we’ll find our own sweet spot.
Either way, now is the time to explore – so come on myHRcareers… …Let’s start challenging! 

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