Hot tips for keeping office cool this summer


With summer temperatures reaching 30 degrees, here are some ‘hot’ tips for keeping employees happy, comfortable and efficient.

Office temperature

While it may seem basic, managing and finding the right office temperature can have a profound impact on workplace productivity. After all, employees who are uncomfortable are less likely to perform at an optimal level. It may be hard to balance the right temperature for all employees, but it goes without saying that air conditioning is a must nowadays or alternatively make use of desk fans and ensure window ventilation.

Striking the right balance when it comes to office temperature not only reduces unnecessary health implications (which are ultimately costly), but it provides an environment where workers are more productive. A win-win.

Dress codes

Another area to consider as temperatures rise is that of the dress code policy. To avoid a similar situation to the the teenage schoolboys who recently donned skirts in protest against a ‘no shorts’ policy, it’s important to relax the dress code rules. I’m not suggesting men should wear shorts to work, but they should be allowed to dress down. The same goes for women. Having a clear, proactive approach and informing people about the summer rules avoids any potential conflicts.

A more comfortable workforce is a happier workforce. A happier workforce is a more productive workforce.

And finally… keeping it fun

In the 2014 Brazil World Cup, drinks breaks during games were granted to teams as temperatures soared 30+ degrees. They were allowed a three-minute break midway through the two halves. Unusual? Yes. Beneficial? Absolutely. The players were able to play for longer, at a higher level and reduce the risk of heat-related health issues. Essentially they could perform their job better. Translating this to the corporate world, when times are exceptionally hot we can allow for short breaks and providing cold water dispensers and drink vending machines. Of course, employees aren’t expected to run around for 90 minutes, but the idea is to keep them from feeling sluggish or uncomfortable so that they can do their job more effectively.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to provide a welcome treat now and again. We all know that in summer our minds start to wander as the day goes on and we start to think about what we’re going to be doing after work. Introducing some treats like ice lollies can keep things light-hearted and keep people motivated and engaged.

How have you been keeping cool in the office so far?

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