How HR can support the Northern Powerhouse

HR Transformation specialist Joe Walton explains how HR can support the Northern Powerhouse in his article for myHRcareers HR networking event in Manchester

In the early 2010’s, the idea that England needed a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ to balance the country’s bottom-heavy economy became a movement that continues to grow this day.  The North-South economic imbalance is glaringly obvious when we look at key regional economic output metrics, but this movement has yet to progress in the way that we would like it to.

Eventbrite - myHRcareers Manchester: Networking party for HR!

The Northern Powerhouse is a proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England with transformational investment for transport links, science and innovation; but how can we, as HR individuals and non-politicians, support the growth of the Northern Powerhouse?

Building a transformational people community

Whilst the ‘Southern Powerhouse’ is seemingly focussed on financial services, the North of England has economic strength in manufacturing, science, technology, and service sectors.  As HR professionals, our people agenda should be to grow and nurture the 15 million talented people residing in the North.

Maximising the North’s talent requires a new approach that allows companies to access the biggest pool of people and skills they need to grow.  Attracting and retaining talent varies by organisation and by the individual, however, in my experience, open communities that share advice, experiences, insights, and best practices is quite successful in this regard.

Real transformation starts from within, and by coming together as individuals we begin to change ourselves, and in turn our HR departments, organisations, and others around us.

myHRcareers in Manchester

myHRcareers, the community I help lead, has built a strong transformational people network dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth of aspiring HR professionals.  Although it originated in London, we have pushed to expand this community to Manchester to help support the growth of talent in that area.

As a local ‘Northerner’ I believe that we in HR support the Northern Powerhouse by getting involved in collaborative communities, such as myHRcareers, that drive HR efforts to attract, retain, and grow talent in the North of England.

We will be hosting our next networking event on 29th June in Manchester and invite you to join our community and take this opportunity to share advice, experiences and insights with like-minded HR professionals.  Find out more information and register your free ticket here.  Join us in supporting Northern Powerhouse efforts, because you, as an HR individual, can make a difference.

Eventbrite - myHRcareers Manchester: Networking party for HR!


By HR transformation Specialist Joe Walton
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