How to Be Happy at Work

How to Be Happy at WorkHappiness itself can be a lifelong endeavour, but only recently have many started integrating that into their careers.  The mentality that work isn’t just a means of making a living, but a route to personal and individual happiness is still a relatively new concept, and one that should be explored more often.

Recent research reveals strong evidence that happy employees in the workplace is mutually beneficial to both worker and company.  People that are happier at work tend to have stronger levels of happiness in their personal lives, and are also more productive at work.

Many companies are starting to take advantage of this knowledge and offering their employees benefits to specifically raise their employees’ levels of happiness.  A great example is Google (or is it Alphabet now?), which is known to provide outrageous benefits to its employees such as free gourmet food and snacks, free transportation at certain locations, freedom to bring pets to work, maternity leave for both men and women, free gym access and fitness classes, and extended holiday leave; to name but a few.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be employed by Google and receive these amazing benefits so here are some tips to help you find a little more happiness at work.  In addition, the next myHRcareers networking party will be host to Ralph Tribe, HRD of Sky, who will expand more on how wellness at work drives business productivity.  Save the date on 25 November 2015 and get your free ticket here.

How to Be Happy at Work

1. Start the day on a positive note.

A good beginning can set a positive tone for the rest of the day.  Take a few minutes outside to breathe in some fresh air; meditate first thing to clear your head; savour the flavours of your early morning coffee or tea.  Struggling with work-unrelated problems?  Leave them at home.

2. Choose to be happy.

This one may cause a stir, but a large part of happiness can be influenced by your will.  But though it sounds simple, choosing happiness is difficult to put into action.  Trying focusing on the parts of your work that you like and create a sense of meaning; avoid gossiping and negative people; identify what makes you unhappy at work and explore different ways of addressing that.

3. Help your colleagues.

Being of service can be a great way to boost your mood, and understandably this can translate over to the work place.  There’s no need to bend over backwards and start neglecting your work, but think of small things like offering help on a project or even picking up afternoon coffee for your office mates.

4. Make friends at work.

Having positive and meaningful relationships at work can give you a strong support system and helps foster camaraderie.  If you don’t have any work friends, try reaching out to someone you haven’t spent a lot of time with or give a second chance to a relationship you may have previously written off.  Friends create a wonderful environment and good vibes.

5. Take initiative on your professional and personal development.

It’s always a good idea to have direction when it comes to your career.  What do you want to get out of the work you’re doing now?  Have both short and long term career goals to keep yourself motivated and happy.  You are the one who cares most about your development so take charge and sustain growth.

6. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, move around.

This one’s a bit self explanatory.  Treating your body right will make you feel good, which can help elevate your mood.  Frequent breaks help you focus and the movement keeps your body awake.

7. Take time to be grateful and thankful!

Taking time to recognise how far you’ve come from where you’ve started can keep your spirits up and perseverance alive.  Our brains are programmed to remember the bad over the good, so try committing to a five-minute daily ‘gratitude session’ where you recall something good that happened during your time at work.


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