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myHRproblem, agony aunt for myHRcareers HR networking and professional development community in LondonHR Dear Dee/MHRC,

I’m an HR Business Partner in a big organisation and have been in my current role just under 18 months. I’ve just been told in my mid year review that I will be moving to look after a new client group (which has a reputation for being difficult and demanding) as of January, which I am am disappointed about. I’ve worked very hard to build strong relationships in my business area and am now leading on some key pieces of work that I feel proud of. A big part of me wants to see these through and the impact they have. I’m at a loss as I want to progress my career, but am unsure how to handle the conversation with my manager. Help!



Dear Lucie,

You may already know the answer to this question, but why you, and why now? I’ve been in your situation, and remember feeling that the absence of any real reason made the move harder to accept. However when it was explained, I felt much better about it. I’m smelling some fear here – what’s really going on? My read of the situation is you’re well regarded and being moved to further your development.

Essentially you have two options: create a case to stay in your current role for a further period of time OR make the move. You need to think about the explicit and implicit messages you are giving to your manager regardless of the outcome, and be mindful of how you present your thinking.

How much do you know about your new client area, and what can you find out? I understand the desire to stay with what you know and are building, but is there an opportunity to get some discrete experience that will help your career? What benefit is it to your manager for you to stay in role? When I was at the BBC, the expectation was that we carried out a role within HR and that we would be rotated dependent on development and business needs. I firmly believe this helped me develop in my role, as well as my career. Good luck with the decision!


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