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myHRproblem, agony aunt for myHRcareers HR networking and professional development community in LondonDear Dee/MHRC,

I’m a standalone HR manager for a small company, about 70 people, and it’s been a tough year with restructuring due to cost pressures. Unfortunately we had to let some people go recently, and to lift morale we are going to throw our first ever company Christmas Party. Any tips and things to consider would be really helpful!

-Santa’s Helper and General Do-Gooder


Dear S.H.a.G.D.,

Having to make people redundant is always tough; it’s never a nice part of the job but an unfortunate necessity. It’s great to hear that you are investing in morale – the obvious things that come to mind are budget, health and safety, ensuring inclusivity and having some structure to the party to ensure it has the desired effect.

However a question for you – what is telling you morale needs to be lifted? It sounds as though this party could be part of a plan to engage staff following the changes, but a party is essentially a solution. I would consider spending some time on defining what is the problem you’re trying to solve, and take a holistic approach to staff engagement. With a company of your size, there are many creative things you can do to lift morale and drive engagement all together.

A good place to start is to gather some data on the ‘morale’ issue and discuss with the board, having their involvement and ownership will be critical in keeping morale high as 2016 unfolds. Have a great festive season and enjoy the party!


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