‘Frank Douglas-unplugged’ – Frank Douglas returns to myHRcareers!


Frank Douglas talks to myHRcareers members at MHRCnetworkingparty LondonLast year the inspirational Frank Douglas enthralled myHRcareers members with his enigmatic ‘Barrels on the Table’; where he illustrated the importance of truly understanding your business.

Now, almost one year to the day he is making his return with the equally mysterious ‘ ‘Frank Douglas-unplugged’.

What will he cover?
We have no idea! But what we do know is that this is one talk you definitely want to hear!


Want a bit more?
Frank is an eternal champion of HR and frequently found speaking at or writing for prestigious events and publications.
Here are a few articles to whet your appetite!

HR Magasine: Beyond Gender Diversity: Don’t forget the tinted ceiling.

HR Grapevine EXCLUSIVE: Businesses must get creative with recruitment

It’s that time of year: Franks investigation into performance reviews.


Join in!

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