Julie Tindale at myHRcareers Summer Party

Julie Tindale Julie Tindale2

Head of HR Transformation at Whitbread

People work for people– and that’s why I love working in HR at Whitbread.”

Julie is a passionate and driven business leader in charge of People Transformation at Whitbread; the business behind some of the biggest and best brands in British hospitality such as Costa, Premier Inn and Beefeater Grill.

Serving over 25 million customers a week in their coffee shops alone and employing over 45,000 people, Whitbread is firmly at the forefront of UK employment and hospitality.

“At its heart, Whitbread is all about people’”

Strategic people management is paramount to Whitbread, and it’s Julie’s role to make sure that HR practices across the Whitbread group are enabling and delivering as much value as possible.

Her first project was revolutionising Talent Acquisition across their brands; enabling Whitbread to identify and attract the talent that drives their business.

On the 29th, at the myHRcareers summer party, Julie is going to tell us exactly why Talent Acquisition is so high on business leaders agenda, why getting it right is so important, and what that means for HR.


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