Kate & Wills; our mentoring journey!

Next week myHRcareers will host it’s third mentoring match up session, inviting would be mentors & mentees from across the HR world to get involved and meet their match!

In the lead up to the event we spoke to some of our matches from previous events to find out exactly what ‘myHRmentoring’ is like.

First up, our very own Kate & Wills: The royal couple of myHRmentoring!
Here’s their interview…

 Will Goodliffe and Kate Bestow write about their experience of myHRcareers mentoring. powered by HR transformation consultancy Veran Performance

You two met at our very first session – what was the event like?

It was so much fun!
We had just 10 mins per person; the mentors stayed seated and the mentees moved around.

It was a bit like professional speed dating!

There was a wide range of people with different levels of experience and specialist knowledge, all at various levels in their careers.
It was very dynamic and everyone was so friendly and welcoming – the evening flew by!

What was the best bit of the evening?

Meeting a bunch of enthusiastic young professionals all keen to advance their careers

Meeting so many different people working in different industries who were very welcoming and all keen to offer their words of wisdom.

What made you get involved?

I looked back at when I started out my Career and thought how useful it would have been if I were able to ask someone, a couple steps ahead of me in their career, all the questions you wouldn’t necessarily want to ask your line manager.

It seemed like too good an opportunity to give up to be honest. I’d just started out in my career & had lots of questions about the work I was doing and possible career paths that I thought if I had someone who could answer those questions that would be great! I also thought it would be a great opportunity to get some insight into the career path I had chosen and hear some stories from my mentor’s own experience. I had read about the benefits from mentoring programmes and thought I would just give it a go! 

So after the evening,  you’re given your best matches. How did you feel when you got yours?

So happy, Kate is awesome
Very happy- Will was my number 1  🙂 

What happened next?

We first met for a drink after work which was dangerous as before we knew it we were a few hours in and almost missing the last train home. So from then on we decided meeting for lunch was safer to go for lunches which we try to do at least once a month.

Haha yes! We spent SO long talking that first session- but we should do after work again! Lunch times seem to work better as we tend to have more availability but sometimes they don’t seem long enough to properly discuss an issue. It wasn’t awkward at all, Will was so friendly and smiley and we had so much to talk about there was no problem.

Was it hard to get it going?

No! I think we started out by discussing what we were hoping to gain from the mentoring. I also asked a lot about Will’s own career path so I had a better understanding of his experience and how he got to where he is today.

It was very relaxed. We went off topics a lot  – but that’s the best way to have a conversation!
It is always very informal and relaxed, just a good old chin wag

Exactly, nothing too structured or formal at all!

Sounds like you got off to a great start!
How’s it going now?

Great! We meet once a month and will go for a sit-down lunch. Looking back there is definitely an oriental cuisine preference!

What do you talk about?

We really use it as a chance to catch up on things that are going on with our work and get a second opinion any issues, struggle or achievements.

I find it very useful to take time out and discuss the progress I’m making in my career. Will helps me stay on track and suggests ways in which I could progress more quickly, or how to get the most out of the opportunities presented to me in my job.
I’ll ask him questions and he gives me great advice, always with a story or two from his own experience!

It’s great to get a second opinion sometimes; to run an idea or an approach past someone who has a lot of experience in the area. I think it’s really important in your career to frequently sit back and look at where you are and where you would like to be and more importantly what you need to do to get there! A little reassessment every few weeks or few months can be very helpful and help you to get the most out of your work.

Would you recommend it?


Absolutely- You have absolutely nothing to lose but can potentially gain some very useful career advice and a new friend so while you are presented with this opportunity I would take it!

Do you have any TOP TIPS for anyone who is thinking about getting involved?

Relax, have fun and make sure you get on with whomever you decide to pair up with.

Enjoy it! Pick someone who works in a similar industry or someone who you potentially see as a good career role model.
It’s REALLY important that you actually get on with the person. You need to be able to have fun when you meet. 

 Anything else?

At the mentoring match up: Make notes!
You think you’ll remember everything but you really wont! Make notes as you go and give them a rating. You both want to make sure you pick the best people for you.

A massive thank you to myHRcareers for this brilliant idea, creative matching technique and great opportunity overall! 


Want to find your mentoring match? 
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