Mental Health; The elephant in the city.

Whilst we’ve made great leaps in equality, disability and diveristy in all it’s forms, one taboo remains according to reports in today’s City AM.
Charlotte Hallaways explore mental health in business for their myHRcareers HR blog

According to the paper, mental health remains a subject we just aren’t comfortable talking about. Yet, despite our reluctance to bring the subject to the table, the effects  can no longer be ignored.

According to Mind, 1 in 4 UK residents suffer from mental health issues; with depression and anxiety ranking highest of all conditions. In the City, were economic and social pressures are rife the situation is worsening; with 44% of employers confirming an increase in reports of mental health issues among their staff. The City Mental Health Alliance, estimates that UK employers are currently facing a collective bill of 26bn for mental health costs, and untold costs to their productivity.

The group’s mission, is to break the taboo around mental health, and encourage employers and employees alike to face the subject together.
Breaking down the stigma, they say, is crucial to supporting those suffering and improving this dramatically worsening situation.

But they have a long way to go, as research conducted by the group revealed that 71% of workers would ‘worry about telling an employer if they had a mental health condition, for fear of getting a negative response’.

Conversation, they say, is critical. Simply creating an environment where people feel safe enough to ask for support would be a monumental first step.
But how can this be done?

We’d love to hear advice and ideas from you about how you’re tackling this at work.