MHRC Review of: Data-Driven Organization Design by Rupert Morrison

HR Tech consultant at Veran performance, Becky Statham reviews Data Driven Organisation by Rupert Morrison for myHRcareers

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Who should read it?  Anyone who is looking to improve organisational effectiveness and deliver business transformations including HR, Organisation Design, Strategy and Operations teams and consultants. The book is practitioner focused providing step by step data-driven approaches across the spectrum of organisation design, from macro to micro design and implementation. As such it is useful for anyone looking to do more with their data, whether at Director or analyst level.
What’s it good for? The book is extremely practical and visual. This makes it easy to follow and apply the learnings to a work setting immediately. It also brings a lot of new approaches to traditional problems helping to think around many of the challenges people might face when doing an organisation design and handling organisational data.
What isn’t it good for?  This book is an extremely ambitious piece of work. It is unlikely that you would read it from cover to cover. However, it is split in a way which makes it easy to dive into a relevant chapter that you are interested in. To be fair to Rupert Morrison he does make this point in the introduction.
How might it help you at work? It will provide step by step methods and processes to help you get more from your organisational data, from cleaning data to doing a comprehensive process design or people transition. Morrison also takes into account the cultural side of data and how to overcome the politics that data can bring. The visualisations are extremely inspiring helping you to think about the organisation in a completely new light and how to understand the organisation in a holistic way.
Best tip picked up from it?  3 big takeaways:

–          Don’t be scared of data, or data cleanliness get started and the returns will come.

–          Visualise your data. This is key to understanding trends across the organisation.

–          Connect and track your organisational data. For example, link your people data to process data to see where the work is done. Continue tracking over time to ensure you are meeting plans and people are focusing in line with business priorities.

How easy was it to read/ get into? It’s a very relaxed style which makes it easy to get into. Morrison is extremely enthusiastic in his writing and this brings with it a lot of inspiration and ‘can do’ feeling.
Anything else? This book could change any function handling organisational data. If you want to be at the forefront of HR or OD and want to start leading the business with people decisions you have to read this book.

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