MHRCbookclub review: End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson

End of Jobs, Taylor Pearson

Review for myHRbookclub by Chris Winterhoff 

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Who should read it?  Anyone with a job, and especially those who are unhappy in their current roles/industry and are looking to do something different. It could also help employers address some of the issues employees feel are unresolved in their companies.
What’s it good for? Providing a big picture look at the job market, how it has evolved over history and what may be in the loop for the next 50 years. It also lists numerous case studies of how people successfully switched to a more entrepreneurial environment.
What isn’t it good for? It’s not good if you’re looking for any kind of direction or advice on how to become an entrepreneur. Instead it opens up new possibilities you may not have thought of but doesn’t give you a step by step guide to enter into these possibilities.
How might it help you at work? This could remotivate you (in an abstruse way). If you agree with the premise of the book, it could revitalise and energise you to perform well in your job as you start striving to develop your own business on the side. It is unlikely to help you at work otherwise.
Best tip picked up from it? Not really a book where you pick up tips. Instead it changed my way of thinking.
How easy was it to read/ get into? Very easy. The book takes its time to introduce certain concepts and let the reader become familiar with the idea that running your own business is a viable and low risk proposition The first few sections describe how the nature of employment has changed from the middle ages up to the current age. The author then goes into further detail using case studies on how entrepreneurs are setting themselves and benefiting from global trends.
Anything else? That’s it!

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Christ Winterhoff reviews End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson for myHRcareers book club.