“Mind the Gap” by Tom Holmes, our next #myHRparty speaker

mind the gap

Veran performance has sponsored and powered myHRcareers from its inception three years ago, and we believe that it is central to our work and of great importance to help aspiring HR Professionals grow, as well as deliver successful change in HR.

Our mission as a company and reason why we set up Veran is to help businesses to mind the gap.

What does this mean?

The gap we’re referring to is between the expectations and potential that technology generates, and what is often delivered.  Over the past twenty years all of our Directors have been working on the delivery of HR Transformation and technology enablement, and what we have seen too often is that what is delivered for HR is purely technology that doesn’t meet expectations or needs–and often the tech isn’t that great either.

The reason for this is that businesses are not supported in their journey, and the communication between what the HR team wants and the translation of that into technology is poorly done.

It is this role as mediator between technology and HR that Veran performs brilliantly, and makes a difference in terms of:

  • Process – working with the business to define game changing and effective processes
  • People – Communicating the change and making sure the business is ready
  • Technology – Making sure that technology delivers on their promises and that everything works as expected.

All of this is about communication, and good communication at every level is what Veran brings to these deployments to make them a success–relationships that work at every level.

This is why I’m so excited to be working with Stephen Robson who is an expert on HR Magic, and how to communicate brilliantly on a one to one basis through understanding and sympathy.

Read Stephen’s brilliant blog [coming soon!] and come and see us both speak at the next myHRcareers networking party by signing up for your free ticket [here].