Mind the Gap: The Veran Story

myHRcareers sponsor Veran Performance discusses the gap between what HR teams and leaders want from their HR systems and services, and what they actually get.

mind the gap

Veran Performance was set up as one of the very few HR Transformation consultancies with a single purpose in mind: to narrow the gap between what HR teams and leaders want from their HR systems and services, and what they actually get–a gap that has been widening in recent years after the advent of Cloud Technology for HR.

Why have HR teams and leaders been disappointed in their HR systems and processes?

For many years now, HR teams and leaders have been disappointed by the results they get from HR systems and processes for a range of reasons:

  • Expensive and slow deployments that are costly and ineffective
  • Failure to standardise processes and ability to customise and tailor software to unnecessary business requirements
  • Poor look and feel that promotes the view that managers are being ‘set upon’ and being given poor tools by HR to do the job that HR itself should be doing
  • Services that are inconsistent and make each HR service ‘unique’ and ‘special’
  • Poor data and structural design that makes the ‘future of the people’ part of the business constrained and unable to change rapidly and develop as time goes on

Whilst the advent of HR Cloud software has solved some of these problems, a number remain, meaning the gap still needs to be closed. These issues are:

  • Standardising processes can still be a big journey for many businesses
  • HR Services often remain tailored and inconsistent from business to business
  • Poor data and structural design still impacts the ability of software to meet business requirements and to change over time, and in a world where no business stays still for long this matters more and more

After many years of seeing these problems in a variety of businesses, we at Veran have set out to identify the underlying issues that cause this gap, and to address these head on. To do this, we have created the Veran Phase Zero Workbooks.

These workbooks are designed to support a business in taking the right decisions for HR Cloud system and successful implementations well in advance of when they are needed. They include:

  • What are the key decisions required in each process area to make that area work really well in your business
  • How to drive standardisation and bring best practice in your business–with detailed best practice processes for all areas
  • What are the data structures that need to be consistently applied and how to agree these

The workbooks are completed with your team in a series of facilitated workshops and they provide the blueprint for a successful and effective HR Cloud implementation.

Overall, our Phase Zero strategy is the quickest way to bridge the gap between HR expectations and what HR Cloud implementations really deliver.

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*Photo taken of our marketing material from our ‘mind the gap’ campaign, October 2015