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ELON MUSK by Ashlee Vance

Review for MHRCbookclub by Becky Statham, Ambassador of myHRCareers & HR Tech Consultant at Veran

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Who should read it?  Telsa fans, space fans, people who want to change the world, entrepreneurs
What’s it good for? Learning about Elon’s difficult journey to his successful position as CEO of electric car company Tesla, and innovative aerospace firm SpaceX. Elon’s upbringing was pretty horrible and the bullying he experienced as a child had me in tears. He is however one of the most resilient people I have ever read about and every time he gets knocked down, he comes back even more focused than before.

It’s great for feeling inspired about what people can achieve if they have a big enough vision – Elon wanted to change the car and space industries and despite nearly going bankrupt several times, getting married, divorced, married, divorced and remarried again, he’s done exactly that and for him and his team, nothing is impossible.

What isn’t it good for?  It won’t tell you how to be a great leader or how to set up your own disruptive & highly successful business. The author explores Musk’s traits (that aren’t always deemed as particularly nice by employees) that may have led to his incredible success but the book won’t tell you how to be the next Musk!
How might it help you at work? When I read this book on the way into work, I think I felt more resilient, and aimed higher during the working day. It leaves you trying to think bigger, imagining what you could achieve that’s more significant than just doing your job. I also felt a bit braver and more able to deal with small stresses having read what Musk came back from and used to push himself even further.
Best tip picked up from it? Remember that most things aren’t impossible, they might just be really hard. Work out what you would need to do and how long it would take, and how much it would cost, and then decide if its worth doing!
How easy was it to read/ get into? Really easy to read and get into. Doesn’t take long to read either.
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