myHRbookclub review of: Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute

myHRbookclub review of Leadership and Self Deception by the Arbinger institute by Charlotte Hallaways. Powered by HR Transformation consultancy, Veran performance]MHRC Review of: Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute

Review for myHRbookclub by Charlotte Hallaways

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What’s it all about?  It’s about rethinking the way you behave towards others, and realising that your behaviour directly impacts how they behave. It’s about taking responsibility for that and using it to bring out the best in yourself and others.
Who should read it? 


Anyone in leadership, or aspiring to be. Mothers, fathers, brothers, girlfriends, anyone who wants to improve their communication and relationships in and outside of work.
What’s it good for?   Getting you into a different mind-set and thinking about your behaviour towards others. It’s definitely packed with thought provoking ideas that could benefit you both at work and home.
What isn’t it good for? It’s more of an introduction to a big concept, and it doesn’t give you all the detail you’d need to really apply it. It’s a FANTASTIC introduction though and will leave you wanting to learn more.
How might it help you at work?  If you could get your entire team, or even business to sign up to the concept it could really transform the way you work together. If you’re in leadership it will make you reflect on your style and be more aware of your responsibility in bringing out the best in people. It’s equally interesting for an aspiring leader and a good mindset to get into. I think it would make someone more junior feel more confident and also take more responsibility for learning.
Best tip picked up from it? 


Hard to choose. The powerful thing about this book is how it shifts you towards a more positive perspective.
here are my top two though:
1. Your behaviour dictates that of others. If you’re negative towards someone you are only going to elicit that same behaviour. You can blame them, or you can take responsibility for improving it.
2. You can deliver a hard message in a respectful way. Lots of leaders seem to think they have to be harsh to have impact or deliver a tough message, but it IS possible to have hard words in a kind and respectful way.
How easy was it to read/ get into?  Incredibly easy. It’s written in story form, which is annoying at the start, but actually makes it quite engaging. There are lots of anecdotes that really drive the message home and make the concept easy to apply.
Anything else?  Go get it now!
In a work context this book will make you think you have SO much work to do. An organisation that lives by these principles needs to many intricate structures behind it, it would be a real journey for most companies. But in the very short term this book will be of real personal benefit at work and at home. It’s a real ‘perspective shifter’ and I’d thoroughly encourage you to read it.

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