myHRbookclub Review: Zero to One

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters
Review by Laura DLP

Overall Rating:

star rating 4 my hr careers book club

Who should read it?  Anyone interested in building a startup or learning about how to create progressive value for the world of tomorrow.
What’s it good for? Helps you think about what types of businesses succeed and why they do so.  Also shares some thought-provoking case studies.
What isn’t it good for? This book will not tell you specifically what kind of company to build, rather, it discusses the characteristics of successful businesses and the questions you should ask before/when creating one.
How might it help you at work? When analysing companies that create value, you can’t help but think about the business you work in/own, and if what you’re doing contributes to a better tomorrow–inspiration!
Best tip picked up from it? Many brilliant individuals can be quite extreme/eccentric (think Oedipus and Steve Jobs), so don’t be afraid to stray from the norm and diverge from the beaten path.
How easy was it to read/ get into? Short and sweet with engaging, interesting, and inspiring content.
Anything else? Great to read on the Tube during a commute!

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zero to one book review myhrcareers

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