myHRcareers in Manchester; a thank you to all our members!

HR Transformation specialist Joe Walton explains how HR can support the Northern Powerhouse in his article for myHRcareers HR networking event in ManchesterHow it all began
3 years ago we hosted the very first myHRcareers networking party down in London. We didn’t know what we were doing or who would come. We were honoured to have Michelle Brailsford and Craig McCoy take to the stage to kick off our inaugural event – but their talks were the only things we knew would be a success.
18:30 came, the doors opened, and the aspiring HR professionals came flooding in. Not just them. HR professionals from all sorts of levels & backgrounds appeared to support out launch, and in doing so, kicked of the first of the bi-monthly networking parties that have made myHRcareers famous.

Where we are today
Fast forward 3 years and we’re on a train to Manchester, getting ready to host our 3rd HR networking party for the Northern arm of our community. And what a community it is. From the outset we were impressed with the energy and passion shown from our members up here! From sharing materials and support on and offline to giving us a lift back to the station (Phil Nash – thank you!) we’ve never felt so welcome or at home!

A thank you, to all our members in Manchester
We’ve been lucky enough to meet a huge range of talented, passionate HR professionals and ambassadors for our group. We have also welcomed to our stage the inspirational, Laura McGowan, Abigail Parker, and tonight, Gordon Kermode, to share their wisdom and advice.

Tonight’s event at the very cool Ziferblat in Edge Street will be the third but not last networking party we host here. In November, we aim to return with a killer CIPD after party – bringing  all of our myHRcareers community together from all over the UK. What a big one that will be!

As we prepare for what we know will be another incredible event we wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the members of myHRcareers manchester. Whether you can join us tonight or not, you are so very appreciated!

See you later!