myHRnews skimm – 16th December

A few things  in the news this week…

The drama that is Brexit ambles along in an increasingly unengaging way. As Politicians argue and produce meaningless soundbites the average Briton  continues to worry about what the impacts of Brexit (whatever colour) might be. For HR leaders this growing unease could cause a whole host of issues that may require their attention. Friend of myHRcareers, Business owner, and former HRD of Pentland Brands, Tim Pointer, offers 10 tips for managing Brexit, that you as HR professionals may appreciate – thank you Tim!

Meanwhile, yet another UK business is under the spotlight for poor working conditions. Following an investigation by Channel 4, JD Sports launches it’s own investigation into working conditions rumoured to be ‘worse than those found at Sports Direct’.

However it’s not all doom & gloom. The Today Programme offered an interesting take on wellbeing this week, asking ‘How would policy change if wellbeing were prioritised’? For many HR professionals who have long championed the importance of wellbeing, the ideas proffered here will be of huge interest. The programme asks experts whether government should be focusing less of the cash in people’s pocket, to their general wellbeing, measured by how satisfied individuals feel about their lives. It’s a fascinating concept. How would our policies and therefore society change if we focused on general wellbeing? Can any of these ideas be taken into our own businesses to improve the way we create our own policies and rewards?


If you’ve seen any interesting news items this week that would make for an interesting HR conversation, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you & hear your comments.