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A few things ¬†in the news this week…

There are many who dread working well into what would have previously been their retirement years. But new research¬†shared by England’s chief medical officer this week suggested that Baby Boomers could in fact enjoy great health benefits from working in their 50’s to 70’s.
Whilst the research stops at 70, one Octogenarian made the news this week by starting a new job at 89. Apparently ‘Bored Stiff’, Joe Bartley put himself back on the job market with a newspaper ad that caught serious online attention. Good luck Joe.

Sadly, whatever the benefits you might enjoy from the workplace (whatever your age) there is 1 thing very likely to sabotage it. It’s the Toxic Employee. You know them when you see them, but do you really know the cost of them? Thanks to a feature on BBC news this week we can all now spot, and eradicate our toxic colleagues. Get them out so you can get on with Christmas!

If you’ve seen any interesting news items this week that would make for an interesting HR conversation, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you & hear your comments.