#myHRparty with Julie Chakraverty – what the board wants from HR!

What a night! Julie managed to condense years of experience on boards of FTSE companies into a powerful and challenging talk on what the board wants from HR.

There was a lot to take on board, and a real excitement as we thought about how we could have more impact as a profession (and why we should!).

Julie also announced a very exciting partnership between mentoring app Rungway and myHRcareers, giving our community an exclusive group where we can share support and advice in real time wherever we are. Pretty damn exciting! (email groups@rungway.com with myHRcareers in subject, your name, job and company to join)

We thought it was a fabulous and powerful night, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s a sneak peek of the evening’s tweets so you can see for yourself! 

Julie chakraverty, founder of rungway speaks at myHRcareers powered by Veran Performance

Ai, Tech, future of work – Tom Holmes kicks off explaining why Tech should be an enabler for HR

Handing over to the leading lady – Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway,

Some powerful tips and challenges from Julie

Sneak peek of the video to come…

Launch of Rungway for myHRcareers!!!

Your thoughts

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