A stroke of sheer genius to realise that those starting out in the profession are looking for a format that meets their need for networkinginspiration and informality. We all know that the generations of the future will work in very different ways to us old codgers and it’s a delight to see a network that understands and is responding to that.

-Shiobhan Sheridan, HR Director at NSPCC


myHRevents bring you to the most cutting edge, fun & informal events in the HR community.

We host regular networking parties, featuring inspirational talks from innovative business leaders, as well as personal development workshops and mentoring workshops. We also LOVE to share information about other great events happening within our HR community.

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myHRparty is THE number 1 HR networking party in London and Manchester. Connecting HR professionals and featuring inspiring talks from innovative leaders. powered by Veran Performance

Informal networking parties in London & Manchester, featuring inspiring talks from innovative business leaders.



myHRmentoring connects HR professionals to find mentoring opportunities in London and Manchester. Powered by Veran Performance

Connecting myHRcareers members to find mentoring opportunities

myHRworkshops provide personal development opportunities shared within our HR network. Powered by Veran performance

Providing personal development opportunities directly from members within our community.