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myHRcareers is dedicated to supporting you to develop your HR career by enabling you to develop the skills, connections and opportunities you need to succeed.
Mentoring is one of the most exciting and valuable ways we do this.

We currently offer 2 formal mentoring services.

Speed Mentoring Match ups, and our very own online mentoring community on Rungway; an app dedicated to real time mentoring.


What is Rungway?

We encourage all our members to download the Rungway app. It’s an app which enables you to benefit from our exclusive mentoring community and in real time!

You can post anonymously, or as yourself and follow conversations you’re interested in, making it a safe and easy space to give and receive advice and support.

To join, which is completely FREE, then follow these easy steps:

  • Email
  • Confirm your name, role and company
  • Ask to join the myHRcareers group.


What is myHRspeedmentoring?

Following a fun ‘speed dating’ format, we’ll give mentors & mentees the opportunity to connect & explore the idea of starting a mentoring relationship. Once everyone has met, we’ll do our best to match you to your top preferences & give you a handy guide for kick starting your mentoring relationship.

You can sign up for our next speed mentoring session on the 24th of October by clicking HERE!

Want more information? Just scroll down to our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page!
Want to receive updates about our events? Sign up here and get emailed when we host the next event.

Have a look at our promotion video below to gain details into what our speed mentoring covers!


Commonly asked questions

Do you have to be very senior to be a mentor?
NO! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE having people with lots of experience and wisdom to share. But, anyone with a skill to share can be a mentor! There are a huge range of skills and experiences that other people would like to learn from, and no matter how experienced you are, you never know what you might learn from others.

Why do you need information from me when I sign up? 
We ask specific information to find out what you can offer & are looking for. You’re given this with your matches, to help you get to know each other & get your mentoring relationship off to a good start!

If I sign up, is it important that I actually attend?
YES! A lot of work goes into making sure we have exactly the right numbers to run this events (we need a 1:1 ratio!). Please only sign up if you are committed to attending the event.

Why do you need my contact details?
These sessions need EXACT numbers to run successfully. We need your phone number & email so we can get hold of you on the day if you’re late or any plans change. We’ll also give you a number contact number so you can get in touch with us if you have any last minute problems.

What happens if I’m on the waitlist? 
If you get a waitlist ticket, please fill out all the information as normal. As soon /if a place becomes available you will get an invitation to confirm your attendance. You only have 24 hours to do this! After that the ticket gets released back to the group, and the next person in the que will have the opportuity to take it.
We will make sure that everyone on the waitlist is notified of our next mentoring events first, AND do our best to connect you to any other members who want to be involved but cannot attend the events.

Can I be both a mentor & a mentee?
Yes. We love flexibility! If you would like to mentor someone, but also have the opportunity to be mentored please select this option. On the night, we will ask you to be one of the other and this will be based on the numbers we have signed up. Whichever one you don’t get to be on the night, we will help you achieve outside of the event. For example, if we need you to be a mentor on the night, we will connect you outside of the event with any mentee opportunities we have available – as a thank you for being so flexible!

Any further questions, offers of help, or ideas for how we could improve this service please don’t hesitate to get intouch. 

Just email