myHRproblem: HR Advisor looking to progress – help!

myHRproblem, agony aunt for myHRcareers HR networking and professional development community in LondonDear MHRC,

I’ve been in my current role for just over 2 years as an HR Advisor. It’s a relatively small company and so I’m finding new opportunities to progress to the next level (HR Business Partner) and learn are hard to come by. I really enjoy where I work, so don’t want to leave but am unsure of how to approach this situation?

Alex, HR Advisor

Hi Alex – sDee Jas, resident agony aunt for myHRcareers. myHRproblem by myHRcareers community.o first question, have you spoken to your manager and what does your development plan look like? It’s great that you have a sense of direction and this should form the basis of any conversation you have with your manager about career progression. Make sure you get clear feedback on what you’re doing well and the development gaps you need to fill in to help you progress and how you’re going to fill them. It’s great that you have loyalty to your company, but you may want to consider your options externally if internal progression is limited. The best HR Business Partners I worked with often had a breadth of experience from working in different sectors, and so bought creative thinking to their roles. Building your experience more widely could be of real benefit as you look to progress.

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