Our HR Business Leaders!


myHRcareers are proud to have these business leaders and key speakers on board with our network. They have written for myHRcareers, spoken at a myHRparty or done both! Needless to say they have helped our network in a number of ways. You can click on their pictures above or below to find out more on who our HR Business Leaders are.

Ashley Wickham

Barry Flack

Cerian Morgan

Charlie Glynn

Clare Davies

Clare Dyer

Craig Mccoy

Deepak Jas

Frank Douglas

Gareth Jones

Giles Slinger

Gordon Kermode

Helen Munro

Julie Tindale

Juliet Fallowfield

Karen Beaven

Kirstin Furber

Klaer Brooker

Laura Mcgowan

Mark Moorton

Mathew Davies

Mervyn Dinnen

Michelle Brailsford

Michelle Osborne

Mildred Talabi

Neil Morrison

Perry Timms

Polly Barnes

Ravi Chand

Richard Burton

Rob Jones

Sian Griffiths

Siobhan Sheridan

Stephen Robson

Teresa Mitrovic

Tim Pointer

Tom Holmes

Tricia Riley

Zoe Walters