Paul Prendergast Reviews the myHRcareers November Party

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting our myHRcareers November party at Harris+Hoole in Central London.  We had three amazing HR thought leaders take the floor and impart their knowledge and wisdom on us.

The first to speak was Paul Prendergast, Senior Consultant at Veran Performance.  Let’s hear about his experience!

myHRcareers-HR-networking-parties-in-Central-London-November Party
Last night I had the privilege of welcoming everyone to the myHRcareers event hosted by Veran Performance. It was a great opportunity for me to speak briefly about why the network is so important and why Veran is proud to sponsor it.

myHRcareers started 2 years ago with the aim of building a network for those just beginning their careers in HR and those interested in the field. Over 2 years the network has grown from strength to strength and taken on a life of its own! It’s a network which is run more and more by its members, with new initiatives being launched every few months that help them with their development and careers. The last 6 months has seen the introduction of myHRbookclub, myHRmentoring and myHRproblem. All of these were initiatives requested by members and then run by members! The engagement of the all those in the myHRcareers community is why it’s such a beneficial group to all who get involved.

Last night we heard from Sian Griffiths and Tim Pointer on the importance of engagement and culture in organisations. One thing that really resonated with me from Sain’s talk was when she said you have to find your cult! Sounds ominous, but in context it’s about finding the organisation that you are so passionate about, it comes through in everything you say about it. While people were networking last night, I couldn’t get that thought out of my head as I was seeing it in practice! The members of network who attended were so engaged and passionate about their field, sharing their experience and learning from each other, that it did feel like a cult! Like I’ve said, myHRcareers really is a network for its members.

Veran Performance is committed to supporting the HR function in the ‘what we do’, whether that’s data insights, HR transformation or change projects. That’s why we’re so proud to sponsor and support myHRcareers! The core values and purposes of myHRcareers and Veran Performance are completely aligned.

My thanks again to Sian and Tim for agreeing to take time out and share their thoughts and experiences with the network last night. And a special thank you to the members of myHRcareers who have grown it into the wonderful, successful and engaging cult that it is!

Please join our group on LinkedIn or contact to sign up for our newsletters.  We hope to see you at the next event!