The 1st female Dr Who: Great step for humankind or ‘PC brigade gone too far’?

After 50 years of entertaining time travel on screen, The Doctor is back to enthrall fans again. Only this time, the Time Lord is a Lady!

myHRcareers debates the new doctor who

Reactions to Jodie Wittaker as the 13th Doctor was widely celebrated by fans and feminists alike. Yet, for some the news was met less positively, signalling the end of Dr Who as they have known it, rather than the beginning of something new and exciting.


Many fans, including former Dr Who Colin Baker, hailed the move as a much awaited positive change. Whilst others felt that the transition from Time Lord to Lady was nothing more than a move to fill gender quality quota’s.

With fans taking to Social Media to share their divided opinion, tensions are already beginning to rise.
Sexist pigs who don’t want change? PC Brigade who don’t care about the integrity of the role? The excitement of the grand reveal, and the new Doctors potential, has already given way to a debate on sexism, with both sides pulling no punches.

Is this just about Dr Who? Or is it a comment on wider attitudes to gender?

Whilst the direction of the new Doctor (and the decision to cast her) is for the BBC to worry about, the questions of gender quality and ‘positive discrimination’ is a challenge for us all. Companies are being encouraged to publish their gender statistics in order to identify gender inequality and encourage its remedy. But what should they do with the information?
Should women be given the spotlight in order to counter years of professional imbalance? Or should it be merit and purpose alone that decides who gets the job, role and so on? And, however you make the decision, how will it be received?

Even the angriest Dr Who fans probably agree that a fair and balanced workplace is better for everyone (we hope). But how do we get there together?

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