The 2018 HR Operations Conference – Your Invitation!

HR teams are often being asked to do more, yet with less resource and less budget.

What are the new tools and techniques that HR can utilise to increase how they deliver? How can they use transformational culture models, new thinking and reinvented processes to engage with managers, increase productivity and create HR excellence?


The 2018 HR Operations Conference explores the changing landscape of employment relations, how to move HR to being about human relationships, how to use transformational business culture initiatives, be an authentic HR leader and use new tools like neuroscience and design thinking to be an HR team of the future. If you’d like new ideas on delivering HR excellence, make sure you join us.

The Conference will take place in London on 21.06.18 from 9.15am, and will tackle some of the following topics by established HR Leaders:

  • The changing Employment Law Landscape
  • Transformational Business Cultures
  • Using Neuroscience to build capability and productivity
  • HR Tools for the Future

And much more!

As a member, you can also qualify for a 25% discount on the price when you use the promo code “VERAN“.

For full details, including full disclosure of the Agenda, Testimonials and registration, >> CLICK HERE <<!