The Rise of the HR department

My employees are the company’s most important asset’ or ‘we’re all about business culture here’.

How often have you heard the director of your company throw a statement like that around? Often I’d be willing to bet. Yet how often does he or she actually take the time to have a conversation with the HR team?

There’s something all wrong going on here. Companies know that their staff are essential to their success, yet they’re unwilling to take seriously the very people who employ those staff, who look after and manage them.

There is a long running belief that HR departments are an optional extra, an add on to the central business function and irrelevant to the big decisions that drive success. Think about it, how often do we see a HR professional on a board of directors? For those of us in the know-how it’s a frustrating reality that HR just isn’t considered equivalent to the likes of finance or marketing.

But things are changing! With the growth of technology and digitised industry, businesses are having to rethink the core principles they have held dear for so long. Soon machines will become our employees and the traditional command and control hierarchies just will not work as they do now. What this paves the way for is the rise of the HR professional.

In order to survive the changes of the modern world, businesses will have to come up with new strategies to manage their staff and resources in a cost effective manner. Companies who assimilate HR into the core of their business practice will quickly see the practicalities of having someone readily on hand to form an organisational structure to work under, with staff and machines who are best suited to bring it into fruition. Without the HR professional in the centre of the action, companies will be left drowning, with underqualified staff trying to help keep a business model afloat without a strategy.

With that in mind it’s time that HR Directors stood their ground. By immersing yourself in the business and understanding its drives, you have a real opportunity to place yourself not only at the forefront of company success, but also of sector rejuvenation.

HR needs to stop letting itself be portrayed as an occasional assistance and remind everyone that a department of experts in business strategy is an essential component on a day to day basis.

So, get thinking and schedule a meeting with your director today.



Written by Natalie Walford

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