What would you love to ask HR leaders?

When you start out in your career it can be hard to know what direction to go in: What would you be good at? When should you make your next move? To what? What jobs even exist? 
Yes, Sheryl Sandberg was right when she urged us to stop calling it a career ladder – it’s a jungle (gym)!

Career is a jungle gym. by myHRcareers powered by Veran Performance

When you look at the leaders of your profession who have made it through & done it well,  it’s easy to feel far removed and anxious about whether you could ever achieve the same level of success. We see their confidence and wonder: How did they get there? Did they always know that was what they wanted to do? What DO they even do each day? What does it actually mean to have their role – would it ever suit me?  
Equally overwhelming is not knowing exactly what you want to do in the first place! As millennials, we’re plagued by continual self-questioning over our choices and opportunities; always wanting it all & wanting it now. Should you be a HR Director or would L&D play to your strengths better? Is it HR systems & process where you really come into your own, or would talent & employer branding actually bring out the best in you if you had the chance to find out?
HR is a varied & exciting area of the business with the greatest potential to really have an impact. But what impact do you want to have? It’s certainly not easy to know where to start.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Even the wealthiest, driven & successful people probably didn’t know where they would end up, or have all of the answers at the start.
Finding your career is about curiosity & learning. Pushing yourself to develop new skills, explore new challenges & opportunities & find out as much as you can about the world you want to work in. No HR leader I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to knew what they wanted to do when they started. None of them knew exactly what type of organisation would suit them, nor what type of work would get them out of bed every day. They learnt the ‘long way’ by learning & trying new things.

When it comes to developing your career, there is certainly no quick fix. But luckily for you the inspirational HR leaders who get involved in our network are happy to share their experiences & advice to give you greater insight into the world of HR & where you might fit.

To do it though, we need your help!
Send us the questions you would most like to ask HR leaders for our ‘day in the life of’ series.

What does it mean to have their role? What is their biggest joy & challenge?