Why I helped drive the myHRcareers mentoring scheme, by Debbie Day

Debbie Day helps drive myHRcareers HR mentoring programme,supporting the community with personal development.Hi,

I would like to introduce myself (Debbie Day) as a fellow member and the newest myHRcareers learning and development leader.

Ahead of Charlotte’s great initiative to develop sub-networks within myHRcareers, I was nominated by another member (too shy to volunteer myself) as a member of the Learning and Development network.

As an aspiring Business Partner myself, I wanted to bring something different and new to some of the traditional learning and development practices. We all know the industry can be somewhat of a ‘private members club’ making it difficult for some to get in and others to move up or around. But it really doesn’t need to be like that.

So, with the support of Michelle Brailsford, Charlotte and I began work on our first project, ‘Speed Mentoring’ for mentees and mentors within our network. The idea being, that anyone who wants to share or receive advice can do so, in an informal and efficient way, regardless of background, experience, or crucially, funds.

We launched our first event on Monday 19th October which, thanks to you our fellow member was a huge success.

I have many more projects I would like to bring to the network and have already started planning.

Until next time,

Stay focused

Deb x