Why We Can’t Let Go of the Workaholic Lifestyle

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The workaholic culture has been popular among established professionals (especially upper management), but in reality it’s a very sad and dangerous ethic.  We admire and idolise those who put in 70-80 hour work weeks, but at what cost does this come?  Workaholics slowly strip their lives of health, quality, and personal relations and are at risk of premature death.

Why can’t we stop working?

Workaholics embrace their lifestyle because it is glorified by others.  People respect those who put in long hours of hard work because of the belief that hard work equals success.  Positive affirmation from others feeds the desire to over-perform and over-commit.

Workaholics can’t admit they need a break.  Accepting help or needing to slow down are perceived as weaknesses.

Workaholics agree to take on more work in order to please others.  This also ties into an inability to say no to others.

Advances in technology give employees the ability to check their work email wherever they go.

The workaholic lifestyle is unsustainable and will eventually collapse on itself.  Even if you really enjoy your job, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  Life and work each demand something different from you and it’s necessary to find a middle ground.  Work-life balance is essential for a high quality of life not only for you, but for those you treasure in your life.


A few tips to achieve work-life balance in your own life:

  • Exercise
  • Schedule regular downtime intervals
  • Consider what you can outsource
  • Turn off work alerts when you’ve committed to not working

Don’t live to work, but work to live.