Will technology change the world you work in?

Will technology change the world you work in?

I can remember a time when mobile phones were the size of a brick (literally) and computers were cumbersome, slow and hugely expensive. To think that this was only in the last 30-40 years.

We are living in a time when technology is advancing so quickly it is difficult to filter what kind of technology is appropriate for your organisation. Whilst I find this hugely exciting, there is no doubt that this will pose many complex questions for functions, teams and organisations.

As we enter into a world which is increasingly intricate, connected and uncertain it is no longer sufficient to simply look at our department or our company for challenges or risks. We need to consider outside factors, and understand that what happens in other communities near and far can affect our world. (The Butterfly Defect How Globalisation Creates Systemetic Risks, and what to do about it, Ian Goldin and Mike Mariathasan)

Technology has brought us closer to each other, along with an acute awareness of each other’s worlds with the click of a mouse. We are able to understand and learn from each other in a way that previous generations could not. We are hugely privileged to be able to do this, however, with connectivity comes the ability to create both positive and negative changes on the world and our organisations. Technology is the link that has made this happen.

How can organisations develop their technology capabilities to support their customers both internally and externally? How can they develop technology which is future proof?  How can new technology be communicated effectively internally and externally to ensure that it is used appropriately?

As HR professionals technology has the potential to change the way that operations are managed. If technology is implemented appropriately it can support HR and other functions to be more efficient, increase accuracy, and produce key analytics.  More than ever, organisations need to look at trends, key KPIs, and other factors within their team/ function and organisation. Technology has the ability, if properly implemented, to support this.

Of course, technology is not the solution in itself, and can only be effective with the right data and ideas behind it.  On the whole though, I support technology, embrace change, and believe that organisations need to invest in this.

What do you think?

Are you a supporter of technology? Do you think HR and other functions need to embrace technology? Or do you think that technology won’t change the way that we work?

Blog by myHRcareers member Ruth Gellart-Neale
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