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Inspirational HR Business Leaders

myHRcareers is one of the largest HR communities in the UK; connecting aspiring HR professionals with inspiring leaders to create a truly unique networking & CPD opportunity.


Online, and at each of our networking events, we hear from the most innovative & inspiring leaders in the HR profession who share their insights, advice & challenges.  If you’re considering a career in HR, working your way up, or are a leader yourself — welcome & prepare to be inspired!

"Networking, along with creating, developing, and maintaining relationships with those in our community, is truly what ‘opportunity’ looks like today.”

Creating long lasting connections

At myHRcareers we pride ourselves on connecting the very best HR business leaders with the aspiring new talent the industry has to offer. To find out more about connecting with our incredible talent pool, and the speaking and mentoring opportunities we offer, please get in touch at


myHRcareers Online Community

We are thoroughly invested in developing our online community that spans across a multitude of platforms. Our largest social media platform is on LinkedIn. With over 5,000 members, you can always find a constant thrum of HR related news, topics, information, talk, etc.

We aim to engage with all of our members and encourage all to participate in discussions and share relevant information on whatever social channel desired. Please join us on any of our online platforms.

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