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Tom Holmes at HR Game Changer Conference UK.

Tom Holmes, Director of Veran Performance, Session 7: The Future of Performance & Managing Systems l 17:00-18:00  l Sign up here.

‘Releasing the potential of people and teams is the single most important task for successful business in the 21st Century, and the tools and processes are now available to do this on an industrial scale. I founded Veran Performance to deliver this sole agenda, from defining the strongest possible business cases through to the successful delivery of step changes in productivity.’

With over 20 years’ experience in the selection and delivery of business software and process Tom works with clients to ensure the safe translation of business process and change into new working structures. He has implemented over 200,000 seats for HR processes at a range of customers and has led programmes of change on a large scale in both the public and private sector.

Tom has a laser focus on the delivery of the right outcomes; outcomes that deliver real, lasting productivity increases. His most recent work enabled a large government agency to view and analyse its workforce in an entirely new way, allowing it to deliver its strategic goals.


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