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myHRparties are back! Check out our upcoming events below

myHRevents bring you the most cutting edge, fun & informal events in the HR community. Throughout the year we host fun-filled informal evenings where the wine and conversation just keeps flowing.

Hear expert advice from top industry leaders and mix with peers and employers from across the industry to share ideas, skills and connections. You never know who you’ll meet at these fantastic Networking Parties and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

We also have events from our sponsor, Veran Performance that you can register for below. 

Summer HR Networking Party
Summer HR Networking Party
03 Jul 2024, 18:00 – 21:00
Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar,
1A Angel Ct, London EC2R 7HJ, UK

"A stroke of sheer genius to realise that those starting out in the profession are looking for a format that meets their need for networking, inspiration and informality.


We all know that the generations of the future will work in very different ways to us old codgers and it’s a delight to see a network that understands and is responding to that".

Siobhan Sheridan, Chief People Officer at Financial Conduct Authority


Whether you’re a leading HR Director, or a HR student looking to find out more, you’ll meet people with fresh ideas, advice and experiences that will inspire you.

Don’t take our word for it though. See for yourself in the video below, then scroll through our events calendar to sign up for the next event near you!

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