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Business Culture Awards 2017 – myHRcareers recognised for developing Next Generation of HR leaders!

This week, Veran & myHRcareers were honoured to be recognised as a Business Culture leader of the Next Generation of UK business.

At the Business Culture Awards 2017 , judges deemed us an ‘outright winner’, and praised our community for it’s ‘innovative, unique and refreshing’ approach to develop aspiring HR professionals.

A shared success

We are truly thrilled to receive this recognition, which we believe is a shared success for everyone involved in the network. The great work we do is only made possible because of you.

THANK YOU, for the time, expertise & support you have given this community.

About the Awards

The Business Culture Awards are an authentic and passionate celebration of organisations who are putting culture at the forefront of Business Strategy and truly investing in their people.

The awards night itself was a star-studded night for HR with some of the most exciting, interesting and committed leaders in our profession there as judges, nominees and supporters.

Why we have been recognised

For the past 4 years myHRcareers has been committed to developing future HR talent and supporting those who are trying to break into the profession to achieve their personal and professional objectives. To do this, we’ve connected everyone from industry leaders to aspiring students in a relaxed, fun and meaningful community where everyone feels supported, inspired and equal – no small challenge!

We’ve only been able to do this because of YOU. Every single person who has been involved with myHRcareers has enabled us to become what we are today; a source of true support and much needed inspiration & innovation in our community.

What next!?

In 2018 we pledge to provide even more unique value and opportunity to everyone in our community and truly raising the impact and influence of ourselves and HR TOGETHER!

We have some ideas about how to do this but as always we welcome your support, ideas and encouragement!

In the meantime, well done everyone. This really is a win for the team!


More about the Business Culture Awards & why we’ve been recognised…

Find out more about the Awards, the BCA community & future opportunities on the Business Culture Awards website

Register your interest in the BCA’s winning case studies which will be presented in Breakfast Sessions in 2018



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