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Being a mentor is much more than what you would typically assume…

‘Somebody older, more experienced and willing to help another over a specific time frame’

There are many added benefits for not only the other person but yourself also:

That feeling you get when you help somebody else

Being able to spend some time not thinking about yourself, focusing your energies elsewhere and instead concentrating on somebody else can be extremely beneficial and positive. Giving yourself a break from your own challenges and instead giving somebody else a sense of their possibilities and helping them grow will in return give a real sense of achievement.

Will help your own career as it encourages you to be ‘in the know’ about key topics that affect your world of work

When mentoring somebody else, you will feel a sense of pride in providing them with information to benefit their careers. In order to do this, you will find yourself researching in order to keep up with the new trends within your industry. In addition to leaving behind a legacy as you spread your word via your mentee.

You can work effectively with the younger generation AND Your boss is able to see your dedication and passion to work

Being able to understand the younger generation (not saying you’re the older generation) but being able to grasp somebody else’s opinions and feelings towards certain topics which you might not necessarily have been given the chance to understand previously. It can only compliment and provide you with a wider hold of intel. Including the additional advantage of your boss being able to see your dedication and passion towards your work and your drive to want to help a mentee with issues you may have overcome previously.

It can inspire fresh ideas as you are working outside of your usual comfort circle

Dealing with a mentee can inspire new ideas as you bounce off each other. Although you are there to help them, it is inevitable that you yourself will also get something back – not just the feeling of helping somebody else but real solutions for any work related problems can be inspired through talks with your mentee. Hereby, benefiting your company and allowing your boss to see your hard effort to improving the business.

Ultimately, mentoring isn’t a one-way process but a two-way street.


Written by Annabelle Jarvis, Veran Performance



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