Innovation Series: Learning & Development

How are myHRcareers members improving and innovating their approaches to Learning & Development?

Our Innovation Series is tool we use to help our members innovate & improve their HR practice by sharing insights, tools & experiences.

We’ve been collecting YOUR experiences, asking what new approaches you are taking to old L&D challenges. Here’s a sneak peak at the results…so far!


What are some initiatives being taken within Learning & Development by our members?

Most of the members surveyed claimed that they would introduce a Learning Management System (LMS) into their organisations to revamp their training and knowledge sharing. Yet, from our results, just over half of our members claimed to NOT have a LMS in place:

Many are looking for alternatives to traditional L&D programmes, the most popular initative was the introduction of more social and collaborative programmes:

Most of the new learning initiatives (planned or in progress) revolve around online, external and classroom learning. Currently though, these 3 methods are being used least by members, whilst on the job learning is by far the most popular method.

Some popular initiatives included:

Re-branding the organisation’s training department to a corporate university with significant changes to curriculum design and architectureThe L&D team taking external digital courses to become more digitally savvy and work in an agile wayIntroducing face-to-face Bite-sized sessions, i.e. 90 minutes rather than one day sessionsLearning evaluations | in-house management development workshops | all-staff learning lunches on a range of topicsKnowledge sharing hub and forum for analysis in HR & Learning

Watch this space for more insights and ideas as we carry on the conversation with our community!

Do you have any innovative ways in which you are tackling Learning & Development? You can take part in our learning survey here. If you’re happy for us to speak to you in more detail about your approach to L&D then please e-mail us:


* The results show responses from a survey taken by 40 individuals. We will produce a full white paper disclosing all results and findings at a later date.

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