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Introducing Anton Fishman – our HR business leader and speaker at our upcoming myHRparty

Anton Fishman has consulted widely over the last few decades on leadership, talent and organisational development, and more latterly on enhancing the impact and effectiveness of HR Functions.

He now spends much of his time as an ‘AI Educator’ regularly chairing and speaking at conferences and running in-company workshops on the impact of emerging technologies on organisations and on the people who work in them. Working with senior executives and HR leadership teams he seeks to educate, inform and galvanize the strategic conversations business need to conduct now as they plan for the adoption of AI, ML and robotics.

Anton is on the advisory board of a number of early stage start-ups utilising AI, ML and blockchain in the HR and talent domains.

Check out one of Anton’s articles on LinkedIn where he explains The Awkward Talent Paradox of Growth

Join us on the 30th of January and hear Anton speak alongside other HR leaders to kickstart our year of AI, Automation and Intelligent HR!


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