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Want to improve the learning culture of your organisation?

So as we’ve learnt before from our previous blog, there’s a huge link between Learning & Development and Employee Engagement. As times are changing fast, digital and convenient learning is becoming more crucial to employees today – L&D professionals and managers are now under the pressure of these new challenges.

There’s a few ways in which these challenges can be tackled, however. If we look at HR Technologist, some ways which L&D professionals can enhance employee’s learning experience are:

  • Personalised content: A one-fits-all mentality no longer works when it comes to learning

  • Continuous commitment to content: Content must be constantly updated to meet the changing learning needs, as well as to engage learners

  • Bite-sized Learning: Employees tend to switch off after long periods of time learning and working. Bite-sized learning enables short, quick and digestible content to engage employees

  • Social Learning: Social learning is interactive, fun and serve as a great engagement medium

  • Track Programme effectiveness: L&D professionals must find a way to know whether the training is serving to meet the learning objectives

We can also look at an article from elearning industry which discusses the more emotional intelligent side on enhanced L&D:

  • Organisational heads and Managers should champion learning Performance linked learning: Linking learning with the performance of the learner on an ongoing basis helps organisations understand the capabilities of the employees

  • Increase knowledge availability and accessibility: these can include limiting the restricted content within the LMS, and sharing case studies/success stories

  • Encouraging a reflective culture: taking time to absorb and digest information, as well as self-evaluation is a key component in the learning process

However you go about improving your learning strategies in the future, it is vital to keep this a continual process. Taking your foot off the pedal in terms of learning can become detrimental to the future performance of an organisation. Adapting to new learning trends and keeping an on-going process are vital for the growth of your organisation.


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