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What Learning trends should you look out for in 2018?

It’s 2018, and technology is rapidly changing and evolving. With this, learning and development strategies are also following suit. It’s time for companies to build an learning management system (LMS) which reflects the new surges in technological development.

Why do we need to change already-working systems?

According for forbes, a recent research piece from Deloitte revealed that among 700-plus business and HR professionals, corporate L&D received a net-promoter score of -8; about as low as it can go.

The reason for this unhappiness – where you can find easy to access learning material online, from the likes of YouTube & Udemy, the options for learning inside most other corporate companies are very poor.

So how do we correct this? Well let’s look at current trends in Learning and Development which aim to enhance company learning strategies, according to High Speed Training recent article:

Online Training Courses

This was the top learning trend of 2017. This ranges from online courses for universities to online development training, but with the increase of technology, distance learning has evolved.

The aim of online courses is to encourage and allow flexibility for employees to work on their development, particularly if you allow them a certain amount of time in the week to do so. This should allow employees the benefits of:

  • Learning at their own pace

  • Being able to review training from a number of portable devices, such as laptop, tablet or smart phone

  • Consistency, in a sense that the same courses will be shared for all employees to take advantage of


This is exactly what it says in the title – a blend of learning styles. It’s the mix of  face to face and online learning, which has become popular among Businesses and Universities. It allows employees to get the benefits of both forms of learning & training. The two types of Blended Learning are:

Traditional blended learning- starts with face to face teaching and is then supplemented by online activities, videos, and discussion forums. ‘Flipped’ blended learning which begins with the user watching online training videos, followed by a classroom session to carry out interactive activities, Q&A, and discussions.

Active Learning

While active learning is not a new trend in itself, its new influence from increased technology is continuing to increase in popularity. Interactive learning apps allow powerpoint presentations to link to a mobile device. What this means is that you can get real-time answers from your employees when posing any questions and request for feedback. The method provides anonymity, which allows more confidence and reliability of answers and interaction.

Social Learning

Again, social learning is not a new thing. However its usefulness in the workplace is being reinforced by the increased presence of technology and millennials in the workplace. Social media allows for a fun way of sharing ideas and videos, particularly in comparison to e-mails – live streams, webinars are just a few ways in which social media can have a presence in enhanced L&D.

What we can guarantee is that as technology takes massive strides, so will the methods of Learning & Development. Organisations will do well to keep up with these winning trends into 2018, in order to sustain the right engagement from its employees.


What are your thoughts on learning trends? Does your company use any other methods which haven’t been mentioned above?

Get in contact and let us know your thoughts! And if you haven’t done so already, take part in our Survey on Learning for our Innovation Series!



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