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From HR to e-HR – what does this transition mean for the HR professional?

What a spectacular transition we have seen in the way HR functions over the last few years!

The automation of HR processes has bought about a significant change in the effectiveness of HR as a function. Given this fact, our HR professionals are now able to focus more on ‘higher value’ activities since they are freed from the mundane manual processes which would be highly time-consuming.

HR Systems today also play a huge role in the way we engage our employees.

From the smaller things that matter to the employee like a simple birthday wish which pops up into his mailbox to the bigger things like Yearly Appraisals – We are now trying to manage it all electronically.

Bigger revolutions that we look at are the In-house social media websites that few Companies are now trying to incorporate onto their Intranet sites so as to develop new means of networking for their employees. Employees can share their expertise, views and knowledge on topics of interest which makes them feel all the more important and in turn engaged.

With newer HR Systems there are many intangible returns that we are looking at, apart from the tangible ones, in the years to come.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be in HR!



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